When it comes to Fashion, celebrities should be at the fore front in ensuring that they dress up appropriately. Most celebrities in Kenya try to embrace Fashion and in the process mess up their looks and sometimes their personality. When it comes to outfits less is more and trying so hard some times can ruin your entire appearance.

So what exactly is the appropriate outfit and how can one dress up to look trendy and smart at the same time. Well Fashion is a very tricky because just like any other thing it requires one to be informed in the latest trends and know the art of mixing colors to produceĀ  perfect results.

Here are some of the best dressed celebrities who have acquired the art of dressing

Lilian Muli Kanene

lilian muli 2

This Lass has been the talk of the town because of her fancy dresses and shoes. She has has a unique sense of style that has never gone stale.

Nick Mutuma


Apart from being really handsome, Nick Mutuma too knows his wardrobe quite well

Sauti Sol

sauti sol 5

This lads are always smart wherever they are out doors. Their fancy suits and great bodies are a site to behold.

Jimmy Gait

jimmy gait

This guy knows how to mix match his colors. His blazers have been something to admire for some time now.

Julie Gichuru

julie gichuru

This list cannot be completed without including this lass. She knows her body type and knows how to dress it right. This can influenced though by the fact that she owns a her own cloth line MIMI Online Shop.