4. Respect in the society


You’ll not only be driving expensive cars and living in flashy mansions and flying in and out of the country, you’ll also get the respect you deserve. This all comes from the time and money you put into to develop your business. Your kids will school at the best institutions in the world and get even better opportunities.

5. Success upon success


Once you succeed in your business, companies, powerful individuals or even the government will be calling in for your advice. You’ll be a keynote speaker at various conferences. You can write your own book on success if you want to. You will be on company boards. These are other sources of money! Dream big and you’ll achieve everything that you’ve ever wanted to get hold of.

The best company to go to get started with real estate is Stanlib. Stanlib is an asset management company whose headquarters are in Johannesburg. It’s Kenyan division is giving you an opportunity to be a budding entrepreneur. It’s time to start working towards your dream car, home, wife and good life.


Their I-REIT plan allows you to invest a minimum of 20,000 shillings and become a co-owner of a prime property in Kenya. You can start earning rental income, just like a boss! Unlike buying of land and property, this will not take you years and years to start getting paid. As you know, rental income is always on the rise. You’ll get consistent monthly payment regardless of whether the shilling is weak or not.

Furthermore, you do not have to deal with real estate risks and complexities, e.g. construction issues and title deed battles. You don’t have to be stressed by property ownership! Also note that the profit you earn from I-REIT will not be taxed at all! These property shares are also transferable at the Nairobi Stock Exchange in case you want to do so. The STANLIB Fahari I-REIT is governed by the Laws of Kenya and enforced by the Capital Markets Authority ensuring that your investment is secure.

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