Willy Paul Jalango

Jalango has narrated how Willy Paul enticed him into taking a job under his employ.

Yaani, now, Jalango works for Willy Paul as the official MC.

The radio personality and comedian narrated how Willy Paul meet him at Sankara rooftop with his entourage and handed him a signing fee of Ksh 400,000. on the spot.

Willy Paul responding to this said,

“Heavy j baba. Let’s work now and show the rest of the world what Kenya has. We can do this pamoja heavy J. Thank you for accepting to work with the best alive.”

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Here is Jalango’s account of how he got the official MC job for Willy Paul who is going on a world tour.

“So the other day I received a call from Kenya’s No 1 artist @willy.paul.msafi telling me he wanted to see me urgently. I asked Pozee WhatsApp!! He told me he urgently needed to see me! Ok! He asked me when are you free? I told him I am never free I make time? So he asked me when I can make time!! To sound busy I told him next week on Thursday!”

When the day arrived, Willy Paul called Jalango to confirm if the meet up is still on.

“I told him yes we are on ..I asked him where we are meeting, Sankara rooftop private lounge. Pozee unajua huko? Hehehe…so I make my way to Sankara…I meet Pozee with 7 pumped guys..his security and a few boys and four very beautiful ladies.So I ask him, ‘Mwana mkunaji how can I help you?’ Before I speak Pozee pushes 400k Kenya shillings my way in cash telling me that’s for accepting to meet me.”

That was when Willy Paul pitched him the idea of Jalango being the official MC from his tour.

“Apparently he has like 29 gigs lined up and he is heavily booked in the whole continent. He has a gig in SA, Nigeria, four in Tanzania, seven In Uganda and several in Kenya. A busy schedule and apparently he has said he travels with his PA, photographer, 14 dancers, his MC and designer. Wueh!”

Jalango accepted the job and even charged him top dollar.

“He asked me how much I will charge him. I told him Heavy J baba is not cheap. Willy Paul then cuts a page from his cheque book and tells me to write my cost…This boy has arrived!! Boss Pozee I am at your service!. Thanks for the job bro!! I do my best!!”

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