Saudi Prince Sultan Bin Salman is the newest husband in town. The 68-year-old Saudi Prince married a 25-year-old woman in a colourful wedding that left many talking for days.

Saudi Prince Sultan Bin Salman

The Saudi Prince, paid a bride price of 50 million dollars equivalent to Ksh4,547,362,500. An amount that can build a nice mall in Nairobi.

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Sultan Bin Salman married his young bride in an extravagant ceremony and a series of videos from the ceremony have been shared online.

The wedding convoy had between 20-30 white Range Rovers and more than 35 large boxes were offloaded from a white luxurious bus to be presented to the bride’s family. The bride was also gifted Diamonds. A chariot filled with gifts for the bride and her family was also seen at the venue of the wedding.

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The bride wore an expensive wedding gown. One Amal Abdul shared the news on Twitter and she tweeted:

“Sultan bin Salman Saudi prince 68 years old married a 25yr old girl. Her dowry was 50M dollars, the convoy had about 20-30 white range rovers, a lot of diamonds as gift and this was her in the wedding gown.”

Check out the photos


Saudi Prince Sultan Bin Salman
The Bride


Saudi Prince Sultan Bin Salman

Below is the full video

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