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Here are 10 hygiene rules that every girl should follow during menstrual period. It not only helps you to stay healthy but also keeps confident.

Clean up
When you menstruate, the blood tends to enter into urethral opening and surrounding genital areas.

You should wash away this excess blood to be free from infections and bad odor.

If you cannot wash it, at least wipe off the excess blood using toilet paper before you change into the new pad.

Change the sanitary towel often
After every 4-6 hours, one should change the sanitary napkin.

If you use the same pad for a long time the menstrual blood released from the body attracts various microorganisms and they multiply in the warmth of the blood leading to rashes and urinary tract infections.

Plan the time schedule according to the flow of menstrual blood.

Don’t use vaginal hygienic products or soaps 
Vaginas have their own cleaning mechanism during the menstrual period. Using soaps to clean vagina can kill good bacteria.

This hinders the natural cleaning process and leads to infections. Hence it is better to clean vagina with warm water.

Dispose of the sanitary napkins regularly
It is very much essential to dispose of your used napkins properly because they may spread infections and foul smell. Before discarding it wrap the napkin properly.

Also, make sure you don’t flush them down the toilet as it may block the water flow. After discarding wash your hands properly with soap.

Use one method of sanitation at a time
Some women who have heavy flow during their periods tend to use either two sanitary pads or sanitary pad with an extra piece of cloth.

This may be a good idea to keep you dry and prevent stained clothes. But changing your sanitary napkin regularly is a better option because the two pads absorb the blood and the accumulated blood invites bacteria leading to infections.

Hence it is better to use only one pad and change it as frequently as you can depending on your blood flow.

Take a bathe regularly
It is advisable to take bath twice a day during the menstrual period.

Bathing not only cleans your body but also gives you a chance to clean your private parts as well.

It also helps to relieve the body from aches and menstrual cramps.

Right wiping technique
During menstrual period wipe your private area in a direction from the vagina to the anal region.

Washing it from the anal region to the vagina can cause bacteria to survive in the vagina and other genital parts causing the reproductive tract infections.