Here are six such relationship red flags which you shouldn’t ignore!

1. Distance doesn’t always make the heart grow fonder!
When your partner says you give them space-in fact constant space, you need to stay woke.

Giving each other space is a good thing but if it feels like you are on Earth, and the other person is in space, then clearly something’s amiss!

2. Is it a partner or is it a parasite?
Being with each other is nice but being clingy is when you should wake up and smell the coffee.

If you feel that your partner is everywhere, all the time, it may be time to gently step back.

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3. Trying to drive a wedge between you and your friends/family
If your partner is always complaining about your friends and family or doesn’t like you hanging out with them, then you should really examine your relationship.

4. If they make you feel bad about yourself
If your partner makes you feel bad about your choices (eating, dressing, jobs, etc), it may be time to let go of the partner rather than the life you built after so much hard work!

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5. Refusing to talk about future
If you want a serious relationship, chances are that you would want to talk about the future.

However, if they refuse to talk about the future, it may just be you who is in it for the long run!

6. If all you have in common is an appetite for sex
While it’s a great thing to have, it shouldn’t be the only thing you have in common with your partner.

No common interests mean the flame will be put out sooner or later!