Vera Sidika


One of the most obvious qualities to look for in your future husband is commitment.

No, I’m not just talking about in your relationship either.

Is he committed to honesty, to his relationships with friends and family, to his job, and to his word?

Commitment is as much of an attitude as it is an action.

2.Emotionally stable

Is your man affectionate towards you and does he love spending time with you? Great!

You need a man that is confident in himself and has control of his emotions.

He also doesn’t need to consistently be up and down with emotions or be incapable of handling common life problems.

If he is, he may be unstable, which may lead you to acting more like his parent than his mate.

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3.Open to your many looks

One of the most important things to look for in your future husband is that he is down with any look you choose to wear to express yourself.

He shouldn’t care whether you wear makeup or not, or tell you to dress a certain way or wear your hair a certain way.

It is fine if he likes you looking nice, but he shouldn’t tell you what to do.

4.He shouldn’t tell you what to weigh

Don’t let any man tell you what you should weigh. While I think we should all be at a healthy weight, we should also do it for ourselves and not someone else.

Your husband is the last person you want telling you what he wants you to weigh. Concern is one thing; demands are another.

He can be concerned for you and express that, but shouldn’t be hurtful, rude or ignore you for the way you are.

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5.Financially smart

Though your future husband does not need to be rich, he does need to be financially smart. Is he capable of doing bills?

If your man is always borrowing loans with no plan of paying it back  and with no plan of using it, then you need to re-check.

Trust me, money can’t buy love, but love can’t buy you money either.

6. Affection

Of course we want our man to show us affection, but affection is more than hugs and kisses.

It is also more than gifts, which though those are nice, they can’t make you as happy as your man showing affection in more important ways.

For instance, does he want to do things with you? Is he aware of when you aren’t feeling good, or are having a bad day? Is he considerate of these things and does he give you attention to help you along? These are important qualities to look for in a man because when he’s all you’ve got in your life, you’re going to need him to step up to the plate and be there for you.

Make sure he’s attentive because if he isn’t now, he isn’t going to be later!