Here are some annoying coworkers and advice that will help you along with each other.

The Chatterbox
Usually the friendly coworker.

Here are some things you can do to quiet down your talkative coworker so you can get your job done.

Don’t risk insulting your colleague by telling her to be quiet.

Instead, put the blame on yourself.

Tell her you to have trouble concentrating while you are listening to her very engaging stories but you would love to hear them at some other time.

Just not while you’re working.

The Gossip
The gossip seems to know everything about everyone and they want to share it.

Should you listen to what your busybody colleague has to say? It depends on the nature of the information.

If you have the opportunity to hear the useful news that may not make it through more formal information channels in your workplace, then you should pay attention, but do it with a skeptical ear.

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 The Complainer
There’s always one person in a group who can never find anything about which to be happy.

Of course, some of her complaints may be legitimate, but the incessant whining is getting on your nerves.

She’s in danger of bringing everyone down with her negativity.

Change the subject whenever the bellyaching begins or, if the complaints are centered around work, ask her if she’d like your help brainstorming some solutions.

The Delegator
In almost every workplace you’ll find someone who wants to share his work with his colleagues.

If teamwork is encouraged in your office and you have time to help your colleague, you should.

However, if managers are the only ones who have the authority to delegate or you already have your hands full with your own work, then you have to turn down the request.

Tell your coworker you don’t have the time to take on any more tasks.

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 The Credit Grabber
The credit grabber does not acknowledge when others have collaborated with her on a project and contributed to its success.

Maybe she just forgot to say she had help.

Let your colleague know you are offended and ask her to let others know about your participation.

If she refuses to do that, or if this happens again, make sure you let others know about the role you played in getting the project done.