In this era of social media, everybody wants to have a name online and to also have a huge following on the gram.

However, how we manage our Instagram pages is what makes all the successful reactions.

Here are some tips to help your stories viewership increase.

Post quality photos and videos

While Instagram stories may seem like they are less formal as compared to Instagram posts, ensure both the posts are top-notch. If you use a special filter for the posts, Use the same filter for the stories as well. One should not overlook the other.

Be interesting

Instagram comes with a lot of interesting features especially on the stories section. Make good use of them.

The options are quite a number—superzoom, Handsfree, Boomerang, You can also add in some music.

Take advantage of all the features.

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Ask Instagram questions

People relate to engagement. Allowing your audience to share their opinions and experiences on a certain issue makes the numbers grow. Once in awhile put up a “Poll” sticker especially on controversial issues and let your audience react.

Cultivate a community

Engage your audience. One of the potential downsides to Instagram Stories is that your followers can’t respond publicly to your posts through comments. And while the polls and sliders shown above are fun, they don’t allow for a lot of nuances.

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Think outside the box

Instagram has a ton of great features that are native to the app. But you can also add to your stories from any photos (or screenshots of photos) that you’ve saved to your phone over the last 24 hours. This feature opens up a world of possibilities, especially when paired with links.

When it comes to Instagram Stories, the only limits are your creativity and your audience’s attention span.

Stories offer a truly unique method of telling stories and sharing information, and third-party apps and editing features can go a long way towards helping you to achieve any effect you want.

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Branch out

Instagram gives you an option of sharing content on other social media platforms. Take advantage and link your post to other accounts. Collect viewership from all social media pages.

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