Dreadlocks have been associated with trends and fashions others have been associated with specific groups.

Whether or not they represent anything should not be a reason to draw conclusions.Here are some myths and misconceptions around dreadlocks.

Dread locks are for Rastas only

Gone are the days where dreadlocks were presumed to be for Rastas.

Nowadays even career high end women have dreadlocks as a hairstyle as they continue to be associated with a group of people.

Dreadlocks can’t be clean

To most people, the mere fact that a person’s hair is locked for months or years makes dreadlocks dirty.

Of course, the particular dreadlocks in question could have been dirty and smelly.

But the truth is that dreads are only dirty if you don’t take care of them.

Not washing them is the best way to ruin dreadlocks.

One should consider giving their dreadlocks a good wash at least once a week.

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Dreadlocks are grown by not combing one’s hair

This is called the Neglect method; it is not very different from how cavemen made dreadlocks, by just not doing anything to their hair.

There are people who began their dreadlocks by not combing their hair but this method has not been used of late.

The special wax used to lock the hair is natural enough and affordable so it is easier to maintain.

Dreadlocks damage your scalp

Dreadlocks do not damage your scalp.

In fact, your scalp never even knows you have dreadlocks, because the hair starts to dread about an inch away from the scalp.


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Nice dreadlocks are high maintenance

Most dreadlocks are not high maintenance as many people are led to think.

The only kinds of dreadlocks that are high maintenance are those made from dread perms.

However, those made with the back combing, twist and rip, twist and pin, neglect, and brush rubbing methods are not high maintenance at all.