Cyberbullying has been the greatest challenge. That being said, celebrities have also fallen victim to such attacks.

Here are some;

  1. Linda Nyangweso

Linda is a popular radio host from Kiss FM. She was trolled on social media for posting a photo of her in swimwear on social media together with her husband and child while on vacation.

“I felt good about how I looked and I shared the photo, “ she says.

Since she was in a swimsuit and she is the curvier type, she got attacked for her weight and appearance.

2. DJ Pierra 

Popular DJ Makena has also crossed paths with cyberbullies.

Her case was after she got pregnant with her daughter Ricca Pokot.

After giving birth there was a lot of weight gain and the then petite DJ became very curvy.

Kenyans took it to social media and bashed her for weight gain.

3. Jimmy Gait

Jimmy Gait has over the years been the controversy question.

He, however, became a topic of social media bullying after he released a song called Yesu ndio Sponsor.

The Gospel artist broke out on the Internet as this song gained popularity.

4. Ella Ciru

Ella Ciru is a media personality who also fell victim of social media bullying.

She was accused of having terminated her pregnancy earlier this year.

She then came out and set the record straight and defended her situation.