Office romances can threaten your job and ruin your career.

Here are some reasons why you should be wary.

Strains your relationship with the opposite sex.

Your partner will closely monitor your relationship with the opposite sex even in the office.

It will even be weird for your colleagues to hang out with you.

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Love Can Be Distracting
During the first stage of the relationship when everything about your partner excites you, you are more likely to get distracted and lose focus on the important stuff in the office.

Lowers productivity

You want to make sure you are as productive in your workplace as possible. To ensure that this potential is reached, avoid relationships in the office.

Favouritism is unavoidable

Favouritism among coworkers threatens teamwork and therefore there will be rifts among the co-workers and the team will not result motivated.

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Fights Will Follow You to Work

Awkward moments every time in the office when both of you fight from home will arise.
Just to make sure that every day in the office is comfortable and easy, avoid office relationships.

Your Coworkers Will Be Up In Your Business

Some coworkers who have bad intentions could even use your romance against both of you. You don’t want to become the subject of workplace gossip

It Will Is Harder to End a Relationship If You Work Together

If you keep on seeing your partner in every corner of the office even after a breakup, it will be even harder erasing the memories both of you share.