Being in a relationship and staying in one is great. However if things don’t work out don’t beat yourself up.

Here are reasons why you should not get back together with your ex.

  1. It didn’t work out in the first place

I the relationship did not work out in the first place, what makes you think it will work out now?

If it was fights and more fights then be assured that it will be just that!

2. You need to move on.

Moving on may sometimes mean getting you a new partner.

Both for ladies and gents. And moving on may mean leaving the past behind you and not looking back. Do that!

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3. How many actually work?

People would insist that they want to try it one more time.

How many people who actually get back with their exes make it to happily ever after.

Learn from direct and indirect experiences.

4. People do not change.

Your ex may just be pretending so they get you back.

Most of the time people just pretend to be who you’d like them to be but do not entirely change.

Stay woke!

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5. Do not sell yourself short

Sometimes going back to your ex makes you look like you’re selling yourself short. Do not do that.

If your ex is not treating you well, move on upgrade yourself!