Fashion High Tea

Dressing up may sometimes become an issue especially when the weather won’t cooperate. During the cold weather mostly, fashion statements are as important as making sure you don’t get sick.

Here as some items, you could ensure to have during this cold season.

1. Flaunts your boots!

Boots are trendy at any given time and could make a fashion statement for you especially during the cold season.

From knee-high boots for ladies to ankle boots to heels and flats. Boots keep you warm and make you look stylish at any time.

2. Invest in trench coats

Trench coats should be bought at off-season times so as to ensure the prices are favourable. From long trench coats to blazers also go a long way in making statements.

You could also throw in a belt to your trench coat so you give it a little edge.

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3. Scarfs

You could never go wrong with scarfs. Scarfs can also never go out of fashion and could be worn at any time.

During the early morning travels to work or college you could throw in a scarf and when the sun comes out you could just throw it in the bag. Scarfs are portable and make an easy to manage.

They also come in different materials so it is easier to pick the most suitable

4. Gloves

Gloves have been in the game for the longest time.

They are quite useful especially in the cold weather and having the right pair of gloves makes all the difference.4.Gloves

Black gloves especially bring out a unique look and confidence. So rock some black gloves in this cold weather!

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5. Turtlenecks

Both ladies and guys look appealing in turtle necks.

During cold seasons, it is all about making statements and yourself warm.

Long sleeved turtlenecks will do just that for you. Try turtlenecks underneath light sweaters or t-shirts or short sleeved pieces on top.

6. Hats

Popularly referred to as marvins, could help in making sure your head is not cold.

The right cotton woollen hat will make sure your outfit a bit interesting as you also watch over your body and it’s heat production.

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