Always wear lipstick

Lipstick accentuates any look in a woman and even without doing much,a lady appears classy by having lipstick on. Red lipstick in particular makes the lady look confident and stylish.

Spot an up do

Ensure there is no hair on your face all the time. Showing a full face gives features and curves of your face that would definitely be breathtaking. Ponytails are a great way of showing confidence in ladies

Invest in your wardrobe

Investing in your wardrobe means being up to speed with the latest trends and taking out clothes you don’t put on. How you dress makes all the necessary statement and might just give you all the points you need for the name class.

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Shop off season

Buying clothes when they are on season may be costly. However when it is off season, you are able to find unique stuff and at affordable rates. Shopping off season ensures that you plan for the different seasons and that you may need in future

Make jackets your bff

If you thought jackets were just for keeping warm, think again. Jackets are actually an easy and inexpensive way to make any outfit more stylish. You could literally wear a jacket to any event.

Sandra Bullock in a leather jacket, nice jeans and boots back in 2009

Get your nails done

When it comes to looking put together, it isn’t always about the clothes. Nails create an edge for any outfit and eventually make you look more appealing. A neutral outfit with great nails makes one look more classy.

Look great at one-time event

Showing up to an event and stealing the show makes it easier for you to get the classy title. Dress to make statements in onetime events and leave people talking about you.

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When it comes to looking classy, accessories can make all the difference. Using jewelry to accessorize any outfit instantly dresses it up. Picking out unique accessories like African wear to add an edge to your outfit makes you look classy.

When in doubt, wear all black

A black dress and a pair of sandals when you are not sure what you are supposed to wear makes all the difference.Take advantage of black elegant pieces.