The matatu culture has always been a topic of excitement in Kenya especially the youth which has seen a lot of youths get employment in the different fields.

These matatus are classified by the body types usually from the three main types; Jasraj, Choda and KCI.

The most important features to look at in matatus are Graffiti and music.

The best known Grafitti plugs are Moha Graphics, Oby customs and Lithiumized while the best known sound engineers are Ace audio Soundwax and Banita Sounds.

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They are characterized by speed and crew—the faster the matatu the best it is in town.

The crew comprises the driver and the conductors not forgetting the guys who just come for free rides and hang on the door.

The new NTSA rules have tried suppressing the Matatu industry but they have also upped their game and took it to their advantage.

The rules stated that the recognized conductors should be in uniform—maroon trouser,that there should not be any excess carriage and seat belts should be installed in all matatus.

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The popularly known as ‘Nganyas’ have adhered although they have coke up with smarter ways of doing so.

Dressing for instance, they have come up with designs that suit the young champs.

Ladies in campus are used to boarding these matatus and these conductors understand that how they dress represents how the business’ income will be.

The famously known places with ‘Nganyas’ is Rongai, Ngong, Kasarani, Embakasi and some points of Nairobi.

They are strategically placed in areas where universities are because the youths are mostly the target market.

Ladies in campus exchange contacts with the crew of the matatus and get seats reserved for them prior to the boarding.

This matatus have devised the best ways in making sure the matatu culture lives on.