You have probably seen ladies walking the streets wearing this new trend. It seems lady celebrities have picked up this trend headlining fashion.

Kim Kardashian was first spotted wearing the biker shorts which were part of the Yeezy’s collection back in 2018.

Now, it has become a fad.

The shorts are made from stretcher heavy material which allows ladies in all sizes to fit in them.

They can be worn for working out or as casual wear for events and hanging out.

Biker shorts are worn to expose the woman’s curvy features, yaani the ‘nyash’.

Check out this fashion trend as worn by influential personalities.

Femi one

She has been seen showing off her curves on the gram in these shorts. Popping colors make the look more appealing and beautiful.

Check out her look.


Sosuun has also been spotted wearing black biker shorts. The rapper was performing at the two-day Tusker Oktoberfest this past weekend, and damn, she looked gorgeous!

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Tanasha Donna

Tanasha Donna is a radio personality who recently also joined the musicians’ list of most popular and famous acts.

She has also been spotted on her Instagram rocking the trend.

Huddah Monroe

The socialite turned business lady has also been seen rocking the shorts on her Instagram.

With the kind of curves she has, you would not expect anything less than stunning. Huddah looks fabulous!


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A whole lot of ladies on Instagram have also followed suit.