Man crying

Nothing hurts men more than knowing that the child or children they believe are their flesh and blood aren’t theirs.

Dear men, what would you do if you discovered that the child you’ve been raising isn’t yours?

‘No More Money Until A DNA Test Is Done!’ Jalang’o Calls Out Baby Mama

A Nigerian man has left many shocked after he took to Facebook to reveal that the child he thought was his biological son, isn’t.

In a long post, he narrated how he left Nigeria for Dubai in search of greener pastures so as to give his family the best, only to find out later that his wife was cheating on him with his best friend.

His wife’s actions raised eyebrows and out of curiosity, he decided to take his son for a DNA test, only to be shocked by the results.

“After 3 years, I discovered that my son, isn’t actually my son. Before I left Nigeria to Dubai, His mother got pregnant in December 2013, and she delivered the baby on 18th of September 2014, after a month, I left Naija.. Then I came back this year, and went through series of tests that confirmed that the boy is not mine,” read part of his message.

The distraught man also reveals that he caught his wife cheating severally but she denied it.

“Before I left Nigeria, I have caught his mother several times with men, but I kept to myself after I returned, I called on her to swear to me, and she says No man has ever climbed her. But I know she’s lying, because so many speculations have gone viral on the street, over her wayward life. She also slept with my best friend and co-tenant… damn, I was pissed off when I heard this.”

Here are the reactions;

Nadège B Tamfu: Only a woman knows the real father of her child/children.(some don’t even know) Many men are out there taking care of children who are not theirs. To me if a woman points you as a father of her child, save yourself the stress and embarrassment and just take care of the child. Don’t destroy the bond between you and that beautiful baby with some stupid test

Adebayo Tosin: Gone are the good old days when there re no excuses for being a hoe, it so unfortunate nowadays we can see some super hoes, future hoes even married hoes in the comment section trying to justify her actions with flimsy excuses, some even diverted out of the context just to have a point, well birds of the same feathers act alike. Not surprised, no matter how you try to portray it, it does not change the fact that she is a b**ch, no betrayal greater than being deceived to raise another man’s seed all your life

Lucy Demian: Truly no man climbed her na, she no be ladder.
Take heart. The man forgot to lock the gate before he traveled ,so well wishers came in to clean the compound.

Nchi Gerald: Just take the child find him Papa givam.thats where the child will be happy.make you and your flirty wife continue the fight now