I'm Broke

Kenyan men are allergic to spending money. Shame on you! Only a broke man will be worried about his woman spending his money. Hustle hard and make money so that such trivial matters won’t concern you. Granted, Kenyan women LOVE spending money that isn’t theirs. So, before you get rich, here are some ways of making sure your girl doesn’t spend your money.

1. Embrace Your Brokeness.

The problem with broke men is that they are all in denial. You have not yet accepted that you do not have money so you live like someone who has money. You live in an overly large house where you are charged exorbitant amounts for rent, you hang out at pricey places that wipe out your entire salary, you wear expensive clothes and shoes that make you look like a very affluent bachelor. How can you blame her for assuming that you are rich? Based on that assumption, she suggests the pricey places you like so much, always lets you foot the bill and even provide her with a monthly stipend. Men, embrace your brokeness. Being broke isn’t a crime. Move to a smaller, affordable house, eat at good but less pricey hotels and wear clothes that do not leave you broke for months to come. It won’t kill you, trust me.

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