Just the other day, I went swimming with a few of my friends at a 5-star hotel in the city. It was a rather dull day to set the mood for the activity, we had a mini-dancing session back in the house. This instantly got our verve on the 100 percent mark.

Arriving there, we were shocked by some of the things we saw. I blame it on the high school kids who are still around! So here’s a few things you should never do at a public swimming area.

Don’t spit in the water

This just common sense. I’d be pissed to see you do this especially knowing that someone may gurgle the water. You also wouldn’t want to drink up someone’s spit, would you? The thought of it in mind just makes you want to run away to another planet.

I can’t stand it. So don’t do it!


Don’t litter around

Whether it’s a soda can or cigarette butts, do not just drop your trash around. Keep the area tidy and accommodating for other visitors.

Don’t wear worn out swimming costumes

Ever seen a chick in a torn bikini? Especially the bottom part? An appalling sight, right? This is especially for the care-free campus peeps who need to take this seriously. Stop embarrassing yourself, please.

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Happy swimming this holiday!