Joe Irungu will have to begin to acclimatize to eating food courtesy of the government of Kenya as the judge in his bail hearing Justice Wakiagi has denied him bail.

By now, that is old news. It’s also old news that the judge was anything but flattering in his assessment of Joe or as he is known to his friends, Jowie.

Muthoni wa Mukiri in court earlier in support of Jacque Maribe


Joe Irungu who was Jacque Maribe’s fiance is the main suspect in the grisly murder of Monica Kimani who was found with her throat slit and her remains dumped in her bathtub.

But what has escaped the ears of many were the reasons Justice Wakiagi gave for denying Joe Irungu bail. Jowie who has been in custody since September 25th was denied bail for these 3 reasons:

  1.  He is well trained in the security sector which might interfere with the witnesses on the case of Monica Kimani’s death.
  2. Potential witnesses might prefer to keep quiet because they will become apprehensive because he can handle a  gun which might create fear.
  3. From his gun wound, his affidavit says that he is was shot by people who wanted to end his life whereas the prosecutor says that it was self-inflicted so he is under threat or danger, he needs close supervision, under custody.