Apparently there are no official restrictions on the Papal diet. And after suggesting to the pope some of the local delicacies he can try out, how about he takes them down with some fine Kenyan drinks? We strongly recommend the drinks below.

1.Kenyan Coffee – Kenyan coffee is the best worldwide, and even Fox New knows that. Before addressing the mass at UON today, I hope the pope has been given Kenyan coffee with some mandazi.


4 Places In Kangemi Where The Pope Should Eat 

2. Kenyan Wine  – Red wine is a common component of Catholic communion, and Pope Francis apparently loves red wine. We actually have a Kenyan wine, and the Pope should definitely have a taste of it.

Kenyan wine


3. Kenyan Beer – Interestingly enough, Pope Francis does not like beer, contrary to his predecessor Pope Benedict XVI, who hailed from Bavaria. Pope Francis himself has been gifted beer by various heads of state, but he’s never drunk any of it. Should he try Kenya’s for the first time?