Top of the morning to you and yours. I hope you are well rested, I on my part have had a sleepless weekend, spending time with my brother Xola playing Call of Duty and trust that I am currently paying a heavy price for choosing not to get my 40 winks in.

But given the stories we have for you, this is going to be an energetic day indeed. Check out the 7 hottest stories Kenyans are talking about:


#1. Betty Kyalo

Betty Kyallo Ameona Hii?! Insider Information Reveals Dennis Okari’s Big Plan To Save His Marriage

One fine Monday morning, someone blew the lid off the top of Dennis Okari and Betty Kyallo’s marital woes. The marriage which had been marked with great pomp and colour was in trouble.


MATATA HII! TV Siren Betty Kyallo Finally CONFESSES How Loans Saved Her Life

Ever since her marriage with NTV’s crime reporter Dennis Okari went belly up, KTN’s Betty Kyallo has never been the same again. Many allegations emerged as to why their marriage fell apart, with many alleging that infidelity was the major reason.

#3. Sponsors_Kenya

27-Year-Old Lady Recounts How Her Sponsor Infected Her With AIDS

In South Africa, sponsors/sugar daddies are known as ‘blessers’. Of course, they bless these young ladies with money in exchange for sex and other crazy things. For 27-year-old Lebogang Motsumi, she was ‘blessed’ with an HIV infection by a man who was a decade older than her.


Endelea Kulea Kitambi! See How Betty Kyallo’s Flat Tummy Is Driving Kenyan Men NUTS (PHOTO)

Betty Kyallo is gorgeous. She is among the most beautiful women in the media industry. The KTN anchor who has been keeping a low profile ever since she broke up with her husband fellow tv personality Dennis Okari, seems to have embarked on a weight loss journey and she looks absolutely gorgeous.


“Prezzo And A Lady Were Having LUNGULA In The Car!”, Claims Nyayo Estate Security Guard

Controversial Kenyan rapper Jackson Ngechu Makini popularly known as Prezzo is one man who thrives on controversy. Prezzo, who is afraid of sinking into oblivion, will do anything to remain relevant in the competitive showbiz industry.


SEMA KUPARARA! A Never-Before-Seen Photo Of Pastor-Cum Fashion Critic Robert Burale When He Was As Poor As A Church Mouse

Robert Burale is an image consultant and also doubles up as a pastor. He is the founder of the famous talk show Naked Truth. Many know him for his hard-hitting criticism on fashion and image on Citizen TV’s program Fashion Watch on Fridays.



This Man Koffi Olomide! Here Are The Top Six Worst Controversies For The “Deported” Bad Boy Of DRC

Controversial Congolese Lingala and rhumba singer Antoine Christophe Agbepa Mumba aka Koffi Olomide, is as I write, being deported from Kenya following his arrest last evening moments after his interview at Citizen TV. He was pounced on by police officers right outside the Royal Media Services offices.