Top of the morning to you and yours bredren. Today looks like it will be a hectic day what with all dignitaries in town. But fret not, we have the hot stories for you and yours to decongest your morning. Check it out:

#1. Pendo_News

Top 10 Juiciest Celebrity Breasts In Kenyan Showbiz (PHOTO GALLERY)

I am not a perv.

Nah, I simply appreciate the wonders that God hath created. That aside, I truly do find myself wasting my days away day dreaming as I stare at cleavage. What is it with men and mammary glands?

That wasn’t a rhetoric question. That is a genuine question.


PLEASE GROW UP! KOT Viciously Attack Larry Madowo After Grabbing Testicles (PHOTO)

It seems NTV newscaster Larry Madowo has a new found habit of rubbing people the wrong way and having fun while at it.


‘My Future Husband Has To Give Me 5,000 Per Month For Hair,’ Declares Popular Socialite

The struggle to become a socialite is real. You will have to sacrifice alot to fit in the socialites industry. You will have to do things which are not pleasing at all so as to become famous. From dishing out nudies to doing some dirty business, its either you do it or quit.

#4. Bloody Gun

Tragedy As Female Officer Shoots Herself Dead At JKIA (GRAPHIC PHOTO)

Being a cop is not easy. These guys work for long hours and their pay doesn’t reflect the effort they put in to make sure that you and I are safe. I believe they deserve better. Many of them have committed suicide due to these and other factors, and they continue to.


Never Seen Before! Meet The Tycoon Behind Governor Hassan Joho’s Success

We all know the flamboyant Mombasa Governor Hassan Joho. He is one of the best governors in the country. He is stylish, handsome and a fashion enthusiast. Joho’s hunk looks have attracted many especially women and that’s why he was branded: eye candy. But did you know the man behind Mombasa city boss Hassan Joho’s success?


From Sleeping To Taking Phone Calls; Here Are Some Of The Weird Things Kenyans Do In Churches

Kenya is one of the greatest nations in the world. It is among the most religious countries worldwide evidence of which is the numerous denominations dotted around the city. Everyday we see more and more churches mushroom on every corner of the country. Some of the churches are flashy, built using billions while others are just simple, made from mabati but all in all, they serve one purpose.


Usijiaibishe Priss! Here Are The 15 Foods You Must AVOID If You’re Planning On Having Sex Tonight

While we all know what we should be eating when it comes to getting turned on in the bedroom, we’re not very sure which foods we should avoid.