Top of the morning this perfectly bleak Tuesday morning. I hope your day is going according to plan. But even if it isn’t please remember carpe diem. Sieze it and own it. And if it tries to wiggle out of your mitts, the pimp hand! Keep the pimp hand strong!pimp slap lol

But even as you get ready to own your day, have a look at the 7 hottest stories every Kenyan is talking about today:

#1. Jackson Beggar

 Bogus Beggars Follow Up: Impunity! Rich Nairobi Beggar Still Duping Kenyans Even After He Was Exposed (PHOTO EVIDENCE)

#2. house-for-rent-Nairobi

The Struggle Of Getting A House in Nairobi

#3. Marek Annabel

Forget Janet Mbugua, This Is The Million Dollar Wedding You Did Not Know About

#4. Salma Mbuvi

Salma Mbuvi, Sonko’s Hot Daughter Posts Message About “Eating Booty With A Napkin”


From Posing Nude To Dinner: Former KBC TV Personality caught On Camera Enjoying Dinner With Old Mzungu Sponsor

#6. Edith_Kimani

Edith Kimani Has Never Looked This Hot, But Now Meet Her Boyfriend (Exclusive Photos)

#7. Mashemeji Derby6

The Good, The Bad And The Ugly Side Of The Mashemeji Derby (PHOTOS)