1. Chipped Nail Polish

This is a very common mistake many ladies make even those in the corporate world. I mean even after the invention of gel nail polish that was supposed to save the ladies from such embarrassments, they still find themselves with chipped gel polish.

Okay for those who don’t know what gel is, its polish that does not easily rub off even after doing your chores and can stay even up to a month.


2. Tights with dresses

First of all, the Nairobi weather has decided to take a turn to some serious heat all day! January to December. To make things worse, they kill the look of a gorgeous dress. In this day and age, we have accepted that wearing short dresses is okay.

This is definitely a shady look in 2018!

3.Outline of the party line

We have talked about this time and again and it seems our efforts are not bearing any fruit. Dear ladies, please please, it is important to own a full mirror where you make sure things are okay behind there before leaving the room. We are tired of cringing when you pass by.

4. Mixing print


This I think is what makes me really mad! Never have I ever understood why one would wear zebra print tights, cheater print top and then complete the look with snake print shoes. How dare you destroy fashion so loudly?

Grace Msalame cuts her hair in daring new fashion statement

5. HeelsDon’t get me wrong, rocking proper fitting heels is a very powerful and sexy look, especially with the red bottom- it just completes a look. The big problem is we really don’t want to be witnesses of people gully creeping all over the streets of Nairobi. Spare us your embarrassments please.

6.Showing too much skin

Mishi Dorah

Ladies, please note that we do not want to see you naked. Keep that for your man in the bedroom. When you serve us with cleavage, keep the legs covered and vice versa.

Let’s try to avoid such embarrassments and work on the don’ts above.