Top of the morning to you and yours beautiful people. Today we do not have too much time to spend on niceties nor to stand on formalities so let us

get right into it toads and frogs. The 7 hottest stories Kenyans are talking about are:

#1. nana_gichuru

Popular Kenyan Actress Nana Gichuru Dies In A Grisly Road Accident

#2. Kenyan_Prostitutes

“I Slept With 3 Prostitutes In One Night, And I Can Prove It” Confesses Kenyan Man (Photos)

#3. Drunk_Man

Tragic! Drunk Man Dies Horribly After Mysteriously Falling Off Steep Flight Of Stairs in Thika Road Club (GRAPHIC VIDEO)

#4. J. Cole_NTV

Did American Rapper J. Cole Want To Have Sex With NTV Presenter? She Reveals!

#5. Donald_trump

Kenyan Comedian Eddie Butita Meets American Presidential Candidate Donald Trump (Video)

#6. Porn_Addict

Porn is Too Mainstream, Try This Out – Thank Me Later


Mpasho Exclusive:”I Know Corazon’s Family Personally”: Corazon Kwamboka’s Family Saga Escalates As A Relative Spills All The Secrets.