Timothy Kimani is popularly referred to as Njugush in the comedy industry.

He has become everyone’s favorite due to his rib cracking jokes has often left his funs literally on the floor.

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Njugush_ActorWe all have different experiences when growing up and people have different relationships with their mum and dad

In an interview, the comedian shared what he has learned from his reverend dad and how it was like growing up.

His dad was a firm believer of paramount discipline him being a reverend but when it came to fatherhood it was a different case.

Njugush and his dad shared a special bond.

As we know, many parents shy away from the sex topic. Njugush’s dad talked to him openly about it even now when he is married.

His dad was a provider and he ensured that his family never lacked basic things like health.

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On the issue of Kikuyu men not being romantic, he explained how his dad showed his romance by ensuring his family never lacked and how he took part in home activities like feeding the chickens.

His dad has always encouraged him since the time he discovered his talent from being an electrician, playing drums in school, acting, to being a journalist.

He provided for them what he never had and that is the most touching part. Njugush shares on which kind of father he would like to be.

Njugush says he would love to provide more than he got, participate in their activities like football games and always have a bonding time because at some point you loose your kids. Thats the kind of dad he wants to be.

Check out the video below.