Zaituni Shaban a Kibabii resident, has narrated how stumbled on the arm detached from the body of a 21-year-old during a rape incident.

The Kibabii University Student was with her friends when they were attacked by the aggressor. Speaking during an interview with a local media station Zaituni said

“At 5am, we heard a woman screaming for help, but my husband and I feared responding to the distress call.

Later, 6am, I went out of the house, and when I looked on a neighbour’s roof, I saw something that resembles a human being’s arm wrapped in a bra, and thrown there.’

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She added

‘When the arm was removed from the roof by police, we confirmed that it belonged to a human being.

We later learnt that the limb was that of a neighbour, a Third-Year student at Kibabii University.” said Zaituni

Her friends managed to escape, but she did not.

The student who is receiving treatment at Bungoma West Hospital said the man raped and, thereafter, severed her left arm from her body.

The traumatizing incident occurred just 200 meters from her rented house in Kibabii, Bungoma Town around 5 am on Friday.

Zaituni’s husband reported the shocking discovery to police, who arrived and took the arm with them.

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