Kinoru Stadium

Guys, things are thick.

According to reports reaching, atleast 10 people have been rushed to hospital after falling off a tree they were watching the Madaraka Day celebrations in Meru.

The commander in chief himself, President Uhuru Kenyatta is currently officiating over the 55th Madaraka Day celebrations at the Kinoru Stadium in Meru.

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The stadium is said to be filled to capacity after residents of the area trooped in as early as 4am steadily filling up the stadium which is said to hold an estimated 30,000 people at full capacity.

Later they were allowed to get in and sit on the grass in the pitch to ease the congestion of the crowds milling around the stadium

So far there have been performances from popular Meru acts like Kamanu and Nairobi based Ohangla star Makadem.

MC Jessy was also given the chance to host part of the program

MC Jessy

The festivities are being broadcast live on all major TV stations.

Security barred people from entering once it was filled to capacity and rest opted to be creative in order to watch the festivities going on at the venue.

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Check out the video of how the unfortunate incident unfolded.

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