Celebrated local singer Charles Kanyi Njagua popularly known Jaguar is an unlucky man. Recently, a man was killed by mob justice at his rally in Ziwani area after he allegedly stole from someone. Jaguar came out to deny that the late was killed at his rally and barely a week, the Kigeugeu hitmaker had grabbed the headlines once again.

A day ago, Jaguar’s Range Rover sports, KCB 808J hit two motorists Joseph Maingi and Mugo Abdalla who died on the spot along the Makutano – Sagana highway.

Jaguar's Range Rover
Jaguar’s Range Rover

According to witnesses, the accident happened at 3:00 pm causing a snarl up. The Range Rover registered under Jaguar’s name was being driven by a lady and according to witnesses, he was from Sagana heading to Makutano while the two were who were riding on a motorbike were headed to Sagana. They were almost joining the highway when the car hit them.  The two young men fell on one side of the while the motorbike they were using was thrown on the opposite side.

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Jaguar Kanyi

Sources claim that Jaguar, the owner of the car arrived at around 3.30pm on the same day (he stays in Athi River) and told onlookers at the accident scene that he was the one driving the vehicle, even though the eyewitnesses saw clearly that it was lady who was driving the car. The car was towed away and the lady plus Jaguar left for Sagana police station. But witnesses claim that later on, the story changed completely.

According to witnesses, parents to Mugo went to Sagana police station but they were denied the chance to see the vehicle that took away the life of their son and were told to be accompanied by the eye witnesses and this has raised eyebrows.

We tried to contact Jaguar for a comment but our calls went unanswered. He later addressed the issue on his social media pages and here is what he wrote;

“It is with grief that I share this post today. As it is now public, I was involved in a car accident. Sadly, lives were lost in the incident.

It isn’t any ones will to wake up and be involved in an accident such as this.

My heart felt condolences to the families and friends of those affected. I would like to assure all concerned that due process of the law is being followed to amicably resolve this.

I pray God grant strength to the families affected as we all go through this trying moment.
Lastly, lets avoid confrontational remarks in consideration to the pain it is causing the bereaved families.
Be well.”

But who is this lady who was behind the steering wheel?

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Well, Kenyans want justice for the late two young men’s families and they have taken it to Twitter to asking the police to arrest Jaguar under hashtag #ArrestJaguar and here are some of the top tweets.