Everyone is still talking about Dennis Okari and Betty Bayo except Dennis Okari. I respect that. He is a smart one; a rare quality in individuals these days. Anyway, before we have another look at the problems rocking their marriage — or rather, let us start our day by talking about what Kenyans are saying about their marriage:

#1. Betty Kyalo

KITU GANI HII! This Is The Politician Who Has Allegedly Rocked The Marriage Between Popular TV Journalists Dennis Okari And Betty Kyalo

Is it that knowingly eating a guava that belongs to another man is a sweet thing or is it that men (some men) just love doing it? This topic has been a contentious one since time immemorial, and I don’t think I am the one to offer an answer to it, either.

#2. Akothee Kenya

“I Didn’t Know There Was Market For This Gold Between The Legs!” Confesses Kenya’s Richest Female Musician

Esther Akoth popularly known as Akothee lately has been the talk of the town. The richest singer, recently dropped a new jam featuring Nigeria’s Flavour, barely six months after releasing a hit song with Diamond Platnumz. Since then, Akothee has been like a chewing gum in the mouths of many, especially Kenyan women.

#3. Collins Injera

UTAMU WA KUSHINDA! Collins Injera’s Wife Will Go Bat Sh*t Crazy After Seeing What This Socialite Offered Him

Who is Bel Akinyi? That’s probably what many are asking themselves. Well, she is none other than a struggling or rather a wannabe socialite, who is trying to create a niche for herself in the flooded Showbiz Industry. She will do anything just to get noticed. Indeed, the socialites industry is not for the faint-hearted.

#4. Diamond_Platnumz_Deal

Is Diamond Platnumz “Using Witchcraft” To Succeed In His Music Career? Find Out The Truth

East Africa’s finest Diamond Platnumz might lose some of his fans if the rumour going round is true. Recently, Diamond Platnumz declared that he is worth $4 million (Sh404.5 million) but many did not believe him. Most of his fans were shocked about Diamond Platnumz’ revelations and this saw him trend online in Tanzania for the better part of last week.


Quincy Timberlake Admitted To A Mental Hospital After Becoming Violent To His Wife Esther Arunga

After allegedly trying to kill their son to get rid of demons in 2014, it seems like Quincy Timberlake still has mental issues, and that’s why he was admitted at Brisbane Prince Charles Mental Health Hospital in Australia this week.

#6. Vagina_News

Ladies Show Off Their Vagina At A Club In Nairobi – This Top Gospel Artiste Was There To Witness (Video)

Now, what sort of ratchetry is this? I honestly don’t give even a single funk about people who spend their own money or do their own thing as long as it doesn’t concern me, but when you show the whole public your ‘thing’, I do give a funk and that’s why we are here.

#7. Kanze_Dena

Citizen TV’s Kanze Dena Confesses Her Love For This Gospel Singer, Find Out Who…

Calm your freaking nerves! Some people are already spreading rumours “Kanze Dena is already taken” but that’s not the case, she just revealed her best friend. The mother of one has always kept her life under wraps, she seems to also maintain a small circle of friends and hang out with mature peeps only.