Julie Gichuru

Julie Gichuru is one of the most celebrated journalists and mothers in Kenya.

She has taken the media world to another level where she is more than just an anchor. The one thing she is known for is her interview skills.


One thing that we admire about Julie Gichuru is that she is worth millions but you would never see her flaunt it on social media. We got the chance to spot her posing next to a car with a hidden brand as all we could see was the back left and a tyre. You know mpasho.co.ke is always there for you with the juice and some serious research skills.

Julie has had a storied career in media that came with opportunties to travel the world; opportunities that clearly pay her a lot of money. From our research, this car ranges from 18 million to 21 million brand new. From the most common local car sales site, we found out that this one is a whopping 19,500,000

Many people rant on Twitter saying media does not pay. Well, I guess this is one of those “speak for yourselves” kind of situations. Here are some of the big media personalities who drive very expensive cars.

  1. Lillian Muli- 17,600,00

2. Jeff Koinange- 12,360,000

3. Shaffie Weru- 11,000,000

Shaffie Weru car
Shaffie Weru car. photo credit: Ivy Muthoni

4. Njogu wa Njoroge – 8,000,000

Flamboyant businessman Kevin Obia shows off his fleet of cars worth billions