It is going to be a hard time for Kiss FM breakfast co-presenter Shaffie Weru ans he says goodbye to a 5-year relationship.

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Shaffie has promised that he will shave off his famous beard if, and only if, IEBC registers 4.5 million voters.

The Kiss FM breakfast show co-host and radio’s bad boy would like the youth to exercise their right to vote and chose leaders that represent their needs and interests. The voter registration concludes on Valentine’s day.

Shaffie exclusively told Kiss FM Online, “It is cool to be part of a squad and also it is even greater to stand for something and shape the destiny of this nation. And the young peeps know that, so yeah, ma-Yoot will definitely  vote.”

As the king of #BeardGang, Shaffie promises that he will have to abdicate the throne if IEBC registers 4.5 million new voters.

For Shaffie, it will be a very sad affair.

“it has been five strong years of having this beard. It is a part of me now.. Actually, it is the longest relationship I have ever had,” he said.

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Here are 5 other very influential celebrities who should join Shaffie in this noble quest and shave their facial hair. Let us break the cycle of complacency and go out there and vote in worthy leaders.

1. Blinky Bill – Ted Fellow – Just A Band Vocalist, songwriter

We will be sad to see his beard go, but for the sake of getting the youth to register and exercise their civic duty, I’m sure Blink wouldn’t mind. Would he?


2. Nick Mutuma -Actor

Nick can be team #BeardGang or not and still maintain his boyish charm. Feel free to join Shaffie in shaving if IEBC registration clocks the 4.5 million mark.

nick mutuma

3. Mark Masai –  News Anchor

Baby faced TV news anchor, Mark Masai is known for his well coiffed – if I can put it that way – facial hair. If Mark joins Shaffie, his adoring female fans will have a chance to see him clean shaven in all his glory under the studio lights. Slow sigh!

mark masai

4. Willis Chimano -Sauti Sol member

Mr. Deep Voice is loved by many. His charisma shines through his lyrics and how he carries himself. If Chimano was to join Shaffie in his voter registration drive, the ladies would still love him, beard or no beard.


5. Kevin Owiti – Mr World Kenya 2016

Swag. Smile. Pose. Lights. Camera. Action.

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That is the job and life of the reigning Mr World Kenya. Kevin Owiti can hide his looks behind a beard and still look as formidable as ever. He can also shave it off and still maintain his boyish charm. So joining Shaffie in the ‘Shave challenge’ would be as easy as sunday morning.

kevin owiti


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