Have you heard about what is going on with Dennis Oliech? No, really, have you heard what is happening to Dennis Oliech? For these and other stories, check out the 7 hottest stories Kenyans are talking about:

#1. Lulu Hassan Kanze Dena

WOII! This Is Why You Will Not Be Seeing Kanze Dena And Lulu Hassan On The Screen Again

Good things indeed come to an end. It’ so sad that Citizen TVs sexy Swahili anchors Lulu Hassan and Kanze Dena will no longer grace the screen every Sunday, having made the Citizen TV segment what it is today.

#2. Mike Sonko Mbuvi

Endelea Kuturingia Na Bedsitter! Mike Sonko Shows off An Aerial View Of His Home

Nairobi Senator Mike Sonko is among one of the richest politicians around. He is living like a king. Unlike his counterparts who languish in poverty and struggle to make ends meet, the flamboyant City Senator is lucky; thanks to his hard work.


Mundu Khumundu! Kidero And Sonko Involved In Wild Fight Over Murder Claim! (PHOTOS)

Nairobi Governor Evans Kidero and Mike Sonko exchanged blows on Tuesday after the Senator accused him of being a murderer.


Watch the fateful moment when Nairobi Governor Evans Kidero punched Nairobi Senator Mike Sonko (VIDEO)

#5. Alvin kabogo

Money Is Good! Check Out How Governor Kabogo’s Son Is Spending His Holiday (Photos)

Life is good out here. While you are busy complaining about the harsh economic times and scuffling for matatus in the dusty city roads, there are some rich kids somewhere bathing in milk and honey. Alvin Kabogo, the younger son to flamboyant Kiambu Governor William Kabogo is one of them.

#6. Kenyan_money_Governor

Meet The 4 Kenyans On The Forbes Most Promising Young Entreprenuers 2016 List

Every year, Forbes releases a list of young entrepreneurs it feels are making a splash big enough to be noticed. And every other year, I wonder what happened to 80 percent of the people on the list. I do not see no Majanis on it… Hmmm…


WICKED KENYANS! Woman Accused Of Practicing Witchcraft BURNT ALIVE (VIDEO)

Does witchcraft really exist? People still believe in old-age traditions that witchcraft and sorcery still exists even in this day and age.