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TILL WE MEET AGAIN! Professor Hamo’s Father Laid To Rest (PHOTOS)

The father to Kenyan comedian, Herman Gakobo Kago, popularly known as Professor Hamo was finally laid to rest at his home in Lanet, Nakuru County on Wednesday, October 12th.

#2. Kenyan-woman-who-underwent-ten-operations

HEARTBREAKING!!! This Kenyan Woman Has Undergone TEN Operations With The Last Leaving Her Blind

Dear brethren, never take life for granted. No matter how rich you are, how many degrees and PhDs you have, at least spare a few minutes to thank God your creator for giving you a chance to see another day.

#3. Man Drugged

EXPOSED! Here’s The Drug Kenyan Conmen Are Using To Make You Incoherent And Then ROB YOU BLIND

A hazardous drug that eliminates free will and can wipe the memory of its victims is currently being dealt on the streets of Colombia.


Alcoholism Is Real: Kenyan Rapper Chris Kantai Hits Rock Bottom (PHOTOS)

Top of the morning this fine day. I have some rather gut wrenching information that came across my desk today. It actually saddens me because I was a huge fan of this particular guy I want speak about.

#5. Grace Msalame 1

MWANAMKE NI NGUO! Meet Kenya’s Top 10 Most Stylish Young Women (PHOTOS)

Kenya is really blessed with beautiful and stylish young women, an indisputable fact. At least that’s the comment that comes out of every other foreign artiste’s mouth when asked what they love most in Kenya. ‘Beautiful women!’ they exclaim.


“My Hubby Spits At My Vagina And Accuses It Of Being Too Sweet!”, Cries Out Distressed Kenyan Woman

Marriage is not easy especially if you get married to a ‘stubborn’ partner; one who keeps demanding for NUNU every time and does crazy things when it comes to ‘bedminton’ games. Just recently, a woman exposed the things her husband does to her in the bedroom which she termed as crazy but for many, it was a plus for the hubby.


Endelea Kununua Vitu Za River Road! Woman Ends Up With Horrible Swollen Looking Lips After Using “Cheap” Lipstick (PHOTOS)