cougar party

Top of the morning beautiful people. Today is a beautiful day indeed. And we have the opportunity to clinch our dreams afresh or to do whatever we need to do to make that happen.

That said, let us start our day with the 7 hottest stories Kenyans are talking about:

#1. explicit content

GHAI FAFA! Hidden Camera REVEALS What Goes On Kenya’s Most Famous Brothels (VIDEO)

Women of the night prostitutes in Nairobi will show you things! As long as you can part with the requisite amount anything goes.

#2. hassan-sarah

Life Is Sweet! Check Out Stunning Photos Of Former Tahidi High Actress Tanya

Marry the right person and life will be smooth and as sweet as honey. Although they say marriage is not a bed of roses, I disagree. Not all unions face marital problems and Sarah Hassan’s seems to be a perfect one. If you doubt my statement, ask Sarah Hassan aka Tanya.

#3. Cess Mutungi

Cess Mutungi Left Utterly Devastated After Suffering The Loss Of The First Man In Her Life

Cess Mutungi is currently coming to terms with news that her father has been promoted to glory.

#4. sex

WAMEANIKWA! Former PORN Star Reveals The Four Darkest Secrets Of The Filthy Industry

Last year’s statistics suggested that the porn industry was grossing Sh1.5 trillion ($15 billion) per year? With hundreds of millions of happy viewers each month, this industry will never fade.

#5. Diamond_Platnumz

Photo Of Diamond Platnumz Ogling At His Half Naked Pregnant Wife Emerges

Diamond Platnumz and Zari Hassan’s haters must be somewhere crying. They still can’t believe the power couple are still together despite the rumors that there was trouble in paradise. Referred to as the Kim and Kanye of East Africa, Diamond and Zari met on a flight back in October 2014 and the rest is history.

#6. Huddah

‘Malaya Stupid Nyinyi! Wash Your STI Filled Vagina First!”, Huddah Monroe Savagely Attacks Her Haters

Being a celebrity is one tough job. It has its advantages and disadvantages. One has to always be on the right or else, you will be left embarrased and humiliated. So you should have in mind that choices have consequences.

#7. Arega Arega Pengle

Ujaluo Ni Gharama! Popular KTN Comedian Spends Millions On His Wedding (PHOTOS)

2016 is the year of Kenyan celebrities. If you are not married too bad for you, do something. Daddy Owen and Bob Collymore set the trend for the rest of Kenyan celebrities when they tied the knot with their lovely wives early this year.