Comedienne Zulekha

Comedian Zulekha Akinyi has spoken for the first time since undergoing endometriosis surgery.

Recently, she took to social media to call upon well-wishers to help her raise money for her treatment, and luckily she was helped. In an interview with, she said;

I underwent two surgeries, one for the Endometriosis and Fibroids. Both went well. I got a blood transfusion and now I’m recuperating well.

Zulekha, who acts in Vioja Mahakamani and Mahanjam narrated how she learnt about her condition,

I was diagnosed with endometriosis in 2017, sometime around November.


In 2018, I started having very very painful period pains, and later it advanced to me bleeding around the umbilical cord area every month. I was having really big and heavy clots altogether.

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During this time, she was working as a radio presenter at Qwetu radio and at times, the period pains were unbearable. She explained;

I would miss work for days due to excessive bleeding and painful cramps. I used to use a maximum of 12 packets of pads for seven days.

In February this year, she started falling down due to dizzy spells, which made her consult her doctor.

We did another scan, which proved my endometriosis was getting bigger and bigger. And it was at that point my doctor told me to plan for surgery fast.

She assumed all would be well but in April her condition deteriorated. She said;

It got ugly. I started bleeding from nowhere and couldn’t walk upright. It was painful.

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Zulekha said she almost lost her life. She thanked her fellow actors, Nyabuto and Makokha, who mobilized people to contribute funds towards her treatment. 

On April 4, All did not go well. I Was about to lose my life because of excessive bleeding but GOD did what He does best, ‘miracles’. I am here today.

Zulekha advised women,

stop assuming that period pain is quite normal, it is not. if you see there are changes in your blood colour and heaviness during your menses go for A check up. you will save Alot coz when it gets out of hand it is hard to deal with it.

Njambi Koikai, another endometriosis warrior has been creating awareness about the condition and Zulekha showered her with praise saying:

Njambi has tried her best to make Kenyan women understand this condition, but I guess people have a perception that rich people have their own kind of sicknesses and think they can’t get it. I was also not taking Jahmbi too seriously until imeniget.

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