The news of Eunice Njeri dumping her hubby, Rapper Izzo hours after walking down the altar is on everyone’s lips.

I compiled a list of 10 lessons learnt from the Eunice Njeri annulment announcement.

1. Always own your narrative. Eunice Njeri ensured she told the story first before someone got wind of it and leaked it. Funny though, she deleted the instagram post a few hours later. The heat was too much.

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2. Be real. Real calm. Real raw. Real with your story. Izzo is winning with this one. He has not said much. But his silence is very telling. Now people who supported Eunice Njeri have decamped and joined his side.
3. Break ups are a pain in the derriere. So a clean break off does you a whole world of good. Eunice Njeri knew that if she dared sign those paper she is legally linked to Izzo for life. So, she didn’t. End of story. End of marriage. The fat lady has sung. Y’all can go home now.

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4. Always listen to your intuition. If something smells bad then the milk is no good. Both should have heeded this to avoid the one day marriage.

5. Being swept into the fairy tale euphoria is real. Ask Eunice Njeri and Izzo.

6. There is nothing more sobering like the finality of knowing you will wake up next to this ball scratching, fart unleashing hunk of a man. You cannot stand. Pressure. Love is put to the test. If it flanks. A social media post ensues. 

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7. When you announce the break up first, you own it. The other party looks like hao ndio walikosea. This has however changed as #TeamIzzo has come out to cuss out #TeamEuniceNjeri and call them out on various inconsistencies.

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8. When you don’t involve family in important issues you don’t have wing people/ side mirrors or the luxury of having a third eye that sees what you cannot see. Who will caution you when you are blinded by the feel good mood of the moment? Who will call out the bullshit that you are rationalising and shrugging away? Also, who will ask you the tough questions? Family always looks out for you. Izzo umeskia?

9. Eunice and Isaac prove that marriage is not a joke. Ni ngumu. They survived a whole 66 days in it before they called it quits. Dayuuum that is shorter than Kim Kardashian’s marriage to Chris Humphries. Shiiieeeed. Actually they survived less than 24-hours in it. I’m just being kind by counting from the wedding date to the day Eunice Njeri publicly declared, it. Is. Over!!

10. Finances play a big role in this. Eunice probably saw her career dying a natural death if she stayed in the USA as a housewife. Her heart is in Africa. 

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