Dreamland Entertainment CEO Dr. Eddie has been in the headlines a lot lately thanks to his publicized row with Coast-based musician Otile Brown.

As the feud continues to play out, we realized some of our readers don’t even know who Dr. Eddie is and had not even heard about him until recently.

That is why we decided to come up with a list of 10 things you probably didn’t know about him, so that you can have a rough idea about him.

Here are some of them:

1. His real name is Edward Omondi and reports indicate that he wanted to be a medical doctor when he was in high school thus the name Dr. Eddie.

2. Eddie grew up in Kakamega and he was raised by a single mother because his parents separated when he was 8 years old.

3. He developed passion for music when he was a Class Four pupil at St. Theresa’s Primary School. Apparently, he heard a choir sing and went to check them out.

4. He attended Mukumu Boys’ High School but he did not proceed to university after high school because he could not pay for his fees. He chose to become a hawker instead.

5. Eddie later moved to Nakuru and then to Nairobi after a music producer at Vineyard Records invited him over. The producer had listed to an instrumental that he composed.

6. He then moved to Eldoret after being sought by Bishop Ben Bahati who was looking for technical assistance in setting up his studio – Lucky Ben Digital Studios (LBDS).

7. A few years later, Eddie set up his own studio Dreamland Music Entertainment Company which he runs to date.

8. Daddy Owen’s “System Ya Kapungala” album remains his most successful production to date.

9. He did not ask for any production fees from Daddy Owen because of their friendship. He say the publicity that he received as a result of producing it was enough.

10. Although Eddie claims that he’s born again, he has worked with the likes of Khaligraph Jones, Otile Brown and Damsela – all of whom are secular artists – in the past.

11. He is married to a pretty lady by the name Carol Nyagah. The couple walked away with a cash prize of Sh100,000 on K24’s “The Couples’ Show”

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