TerryAnne Chebet

Nothing can compare to a black woman’s natural hair and beauty. But unfortunately, the hair extension industry has African women hating on their own hair. [Neocolonialism!].

A man can play with your hair all night long, massaging your scalp and giving you that ultimate intimate connection of soul body and mind as he reaches for your roots, something that he can’t do with fake hair.

5 Kenyan Female Celebrities Who Look Horrible In Wigs And Weaves (PHOTOS)

In the local Showbiz Industry, we have a lot of beautiful women, but it seems some of them are not happy with what God has given them (maybe), or they just need artificial things to enhance their beauty.

Many of them rock wigs and weaves trying to look like Rihanna or Beyonce, but not all look great.

Some even look like walking skeletons and characters in horror movies, but that’s none of our business; Kila nyani na starehe zake.

Well, popular news anchor TerryAnne Chebet is one of the many beautiful women in the local entertainment industry, and we are proud of her.

She does an excellent job. She is the true definition of an African woman, but her weaves and wigs seem to put many off.  She looks prettier in short natural hair compared to weaves and wigs.

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Below is a photo gallery of TerryAnne Chebet rocking short hair, flip through and be the judge