Elani seem to always be deliberate when they are releasing any new material. They always think out their brand, message, and overall goals of every project they release.This year, they seem to be working on some serious music projects and to start off their campaigns, they released a photo of their new look.

Kenyans and Africans went wild. The trio, Maureen, Brian and Wambui represents the urban Afro soul royalty. Tumewakubali.

Team Mafisi Will Salivate Until Their Mouths GO DRY! See How SEXY Maureen Kunga Of Elani Is Looking (PHOTOS)

Here are the major reasons why fans were drawn into the photo like moth to flame.
1. Brains. Boobs. Beauty. Brilliance. Boobs. Did I say boobs?
2. Wambui represents the naturalistas. And it helped that the fan blowing away at her dress, couldn’t and didn’t dislodge her natural hair. She looked flawless and regal. Wambui represents the struggles of every woman who rocks natural hair without apologies.


3. We all know that Team Mafisi Sacco are sharing their photos in their circles. The virality of the photo, is greatly accredited to the cleavage game of both Maurine and Wambui. It has female fans doubting if they are straight. True story.

4. I don’t think bras provided any support. So, dudes wanakula kwa macho. Na bado hawajachoka.

5. You can make interesting memes like these ones. Pole Brian.

6. Brian looks like their over paid bodyguard. Just look at his stance. He looks like he is about to tell the camera man, “One more photo and that is it!” But he stops to pose first.

7. Flawless make up.

8. This photo inspires hashtags like #IDon’tLikeBlueButTheyMadeMeThinkTwice #FearlessBlueArmyCult #ImBlueInsideAndOut #BlueIsTheColourIBleed #EffShades OfBlackItShouldBeShadesOfBlue.

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9. Thank heavens no one had a choker on. That accessory is just for kinky stuff behind the closed doors of a red room where you are all draped in tight shiny leather. Thank you Elani for not endorsing chokers. Asanteni.

10. Elani have made wearing matching clothes trend again. Who wants to be in my choir. We have zaffre blue robes. Anyone?

The Elani girls have brought a whole new meaning to the term convertible dress. Maureen and Wambui made those dresses look really good. Now, we wait for the music release.