colonel mustafa

Apart from his equally controversial lyrics, rapper Colonel Mustafa is known for his bad-boy character. He is a rabble-rouser of some sort.

Throughout his music career spanning over 10 years, he has been involved in uncountable controversies thanks to his ruffneck-type of personality.

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From having a nasty break-up with his ex-girlfriend and singer Marya to his beef with Coast-based songstress Nyota Ndogo, posing for photos with nude lasses to allegedly featuring a married woman in one of his nasty music videos, Mustafa’s list of infamous moves are endless.

It leaves one asking; does he really have a life away from all the controversy. We had a sit down with him and the former half of the Deux Vultures duo spilled some rather peculiar attributes about himself, which not many out there didn’t know about.

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Check them out.

I don’t know how many will believe it, but just have a look:

1. Colonel Mustafa believes that he is the most humble person alive.

He says:

“I am very down to earth. Very humble indeed. for example, I can enjoy a meal at a kibanda. I can board a matatu with no fear. I can pee on the roadside if pressed. Isn’t that cool?”

2. He loves food.

The rapper says that he could not be the hugest person around, but he is a lover of food. And not just any food, but good food.

3. He had dreadlocks.

Not many of us knew that the Loboko hit rapper donned dreadlocks at some point of his adult life. So, why did he shave them?

“Before shaving them, I turned them blonde. The reason why I then put scissors on them is very interesting though. My then girlfriend’s dad never liked them. So, I decided that instead of losing a girlfriend, let me lose my locks. I can always grow them back,” says Mustafa.

4. Love is his second name.

He admits that along the way, he’s hurt a few girls’ hearts and his has also been hurt a few times as well. However, he says that when it comes to loving, he is the best. And ooh, he says that he is in love again!

5. He is very religious.

Mustafa says that despite people’s view of him as a bad boy, he is indeed a very religious man.

“I am very religious and I draw my inspiration from Allah. If there is something I never joke with is my religion. Nothing can come between me and Islam.”

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6. Even though he refused to disclose that he has a few out there, Mustafa claims that he loves kids.

According to him, kids are the utter sign that innocence truly exist!

7. Interestingly though, Mustafa has only worked with two music producers, namely Ogopa Deejays and RKay, throughout his music career.

8. He believes that away from rap, he is a good singer too.

9. “I am a Manchester United fan”.

10. He still insists that he was once cheated on by his former girlfriend, Marya.